World Wide Carbon: Common Environmental Issues

  • Today’s Environmental Landscape: What are Common Environmental Issues?

    The environment is the world around us. From the weather to the plants to the animals to the earth and all of its waters, the environment is—in essence—our world. As such, there are many issues that can impact the environment and are commonly discussed in sectors keen on understanding, protecting, and promoting causes related to sustainable environmental practices. In order to understand the conversations around these topics, the following are few of the most common environmental issues that are presenting problems and issues of concern around the globe.

  • Global Warming

    It is likely that most adults in today’s modern world have heard of global warming. There is no doubt that the climates of our world are changing. Leading scientists in environmental studies are noting that there is an increase in the temperature of the earth that is having devastating problems as it continues to rise. Certain species of animals are being lost as a result of these climactic changes, plant life is being halted, and human beings are seeing small to significant changes in weather patterns. As such, stopping the spread of the causes that are creating said global temperature increases is, arguably, the most common of environmental issues that are impacting the world today. With numerous different initiatives, groups, and educational efforts focuses on halting and even reversing global warming, the data available to understand this trend is growing daily.
    world wide carbon global warming

  • Animal Preservation

    One of the biggest environmental issues that is impacting the world’s climactic health is the decimation of animal populations. A single species going extinct can have grave impacts far beyond that said animal. This is because ecosystems are dependent on each member of their “family” to carry out a vital role. For instance, if a predator is eliminated from the face of the earth, the animals that rely on that animal for population control can take over. This can lead to disease, crop damage, and other tremendously bad results. According to Global Issues Magazine, the key to combatting species loss is promotion of biodiversity causes. From groups that support endangered species growth to those that promote sustainable and conscious animal consumption and usage, supporting causes that understand the need for biodiversity are crucial to a healthy environmental picture.
    animal preservation

  • Industrialization and the Environment

    Another common environmental problem that is seeing much focus in today’s world is the role of government in stopping or reducing negative environmental impact in their countries. Specifically, the role of government regulation in relations to environmental issues is taking the forefront of political conversations, especially in industrialized or industrializing countries. While some feel that nations, especially first world countries, have a moral duty to create environmentally friendly policies, others see any interference as an overstep. First world countries are also facing the problem of reducing their global impact while seeing other, economically growing countries continue to put industrial strength over environmental friendliness. As international organizations, NGOs, and other multi-national initiatives increase in their prevalence, the role of government in preservation and conservation regulations is likely to remain a common environmental issue that is fodder for public wide carbon industrialization


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